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Cant get image to display when sharing to Facebook with "og:image" property within entry tag

I have my "og:image" property within entry tag like this {exp:channel:entries channel="news" limit="1" status="open" require_entry="yes" orderby="...
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Is there any good solution for Facebook login with EE4 / EE5 in 2018? [YES !]

It's all in the title. Threads about logging users in EE with a facebook account seem to date from the last decade or so. Is there any good solution for Facebook login with EE4 / EE5 in 2018 ? [ YES!...
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Social share not working on desktop

I currently have this code for our social share buttons. The twitter seems to work although doesn't seem to post the image but not the others. But if I do it from my mobile it does work. <div ...
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Facebook Viewcontent Pixel Code

I'm trying to start implementing some dynamic marketing on Facebook. To do this, I need to use the Facebook Pixels to track users behaviors. <script> fbq('track', 'ViewContent', { content_ids: ...
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Facebook Dynamic Open Graph Meta Data

I want to dynamically add content to the facebook open graph meta data. Here's my code, but the content field shows up blank on page load. <meta property="og:title" content="{exp:channel:entries}{...
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Facebook connect in codeigniter app

I am trying to create a facebook app on my local machine which will allow users to login/register on the app by using their facebook login details. I have gone through 2 tutorials and i keep getting ...
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URL segmentation GoDaddy

I have a problem with GoDaddy hosting. It seems that URL segmentation is not working, so I get link like this and I need link like this
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Multiple comment forms on single page/template

I keep reading everywhere that the actual comment:entries tag and comment:form tag should be used on a single entry view template. ...
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Facebook iFrame App "This form has expired. Please refresh and try again."

I have this simple Facebook iframe App The secure URL that is called is: But in facebook nothing is shown - only the following Expression Engine Error is thrown: "...
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og:description not pulling contents from meta

I am recently experiencing problems with metadata for Facebook and I was wondering if any other EE user has experienced the same. In principle, the code should be fine and was actually working till ...
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Facebook addons for images

Are there any EE Facebook addons that can create albums from multiple images in entry when sharing entry on Facebook. Thanks
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Facebook Connect no longer pulling {fbc_facebook_name}

Wondering if anyone has seen anything like this lately--might be an issue from Facebook (i.e., affecting all version of Facebook Connect). Or, it might be something particular to these old versions ...
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Social feeds to display on EE driven website

I'm going to move one Wordpress site to EE and they have using social feeds (twitter and facebook, I think multiple sources) displaying on their website. Are there any addons for EE which can handle ...
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Solspace Facebook Login - Dynamic Return with {segment}

Might be an odd scenario, but i'm looking to use Solspace's facebook Login with a dynamic return by using segments in the url. Currenttly fbc:login throws an error when I use any {segment} tags in ...
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Custom facebook button with Solspace Facebook Connect?

I'm setting up Solspace Facebook Connect (fbc) for the first time and I would like to use my own custom buttons (anchor tag) instead of the ugly default button. Is this possible?
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Import Comments from Facebook

If you have a Facebook-Page you know the «problem»: Users post their comments to the facebook-link instead of commenting on your own page. that itself is not the «problem» — the «problem» is, that ...
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Module: Facebook functionality on publish Tab?

I've been banging my head against the wall with this and I have not found an answer. I am attempting to build an EE application where admin can come in and create a quiz app. I then need to allow ...
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Protocol agnostic server paths and facebook images in links

I had a fun time tracking this down. Every time I would copy/paste a link from a site's blog, the title would display, the link would display, but the images would return nothing. The link was correct ...
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How populate meta data with current entry's data

I would like to populate my meta tags, specifically Facebook Open Graph meta with the current entry's data. Most of it straight forward but am struggling with grabbing the image url. The image field ...
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facebook connect button not showing

I'm using Solspace's Facebook Connect addon to add Facebook login to a site, but I can't work out why my Facebook connect button is not showing while using the following template code: {exp:fbc:login ...
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Facebook Open Graph pulling ExpressionEngine Data

On a blog detail page I have Facebook OpenGraph tags pulling in various bits of data using ExpressionEngine tags etc. All works fine apart from the images. Ideally, as the blog posts contain a lot of ...
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Posting to FB/Twitter - addon suggestion?

I want each channel entry to be posted to FB and Twitter. I'm looking at Does anyone have experience with this? Documentation for this addon is a lacking, ...
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Facebook Connect vs Zoo Visitor

I was wondering if someone has successfully implemented both Facebook Connect and Zoo Visitor on a single site. Are there any issues I should be aware of? Does creating an account through Facebook ...
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