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convert EE relationships to Playa

I guess the opposite of this How to move all Playa relationship to EE relationships previously developer used the relationships field that the client now wants to search over using Low Search. ...
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Replacement for multitext

I am upgrading a 1.7 site that used Mark Huot's MultiText field extensively. I'm trying to identify a similar solution for 2.6.1. (The multitext fields were used to provide captions for images in ...
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2 votes
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Allow EE Code w/ XHTML auto formatting?

Is it possible to use the Allow EE Code plugin and textarea formatting option and also have formatting as XHTML? I have an existing field (textarea with XHTML formatting) with lots of content in many ...
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Can I turn a file field back into a text input field?

In Brief How can I convert a file fieldtype back to a text input field containing {filedir}filename? The long-winded version I have a file field that I converted from an input field when I was ...
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