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1 answer

Delete Field Editor

Just wondering if you can delete Field Editor without it running into issues with fields created with it. Looking to upgrade to EE3 and Field Editor isn't supported yet.
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Field Editor 2 broken: Unable to load the requested file: field_row.php

I just purchased and installed Field Editor 2 on EE 2.10.1 and after going to edit a field group it takes seriously long to load and I get the error: An Error Was Encountered Unable to load the ...
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Limit playa total returned entries in control panel

We have about 7 playa fields in our entry form. I want to limit the displaying entries but when searching, still to be available to get the desired one. I believe that by limiting the number of ...
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field editor is unusable

What a shame Field editor since EE2.7 is buggy, and it's very difficult to contact the author, no e-mail, no Devot:ee forum support. It's unusable because always appears this error message when I ...
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Field Editor: Unable to load the requested class: services_json

Since i'm not getting any response in the official support forum for FIELD EDITOR I decided to repeat the question over here in the hope someone out there knows how to solve this. Since i started ...
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Fields not showing on publish/edit page

I have a site we are setting up on EE 2.72, and without realizing there was a known issue it i started using the Field Editor add-on to add fields. It was throwing some errors here and there but ...
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Field editor breaks grid

I use the "field editor" plugin a lot. But it doesn't seem to work with the new grid fieldtype. So it now just messes up channel fields with grid. I now can't delete the messed up field group. A ...
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How can I get rid of "call to a member function result() on non-object"

I'm seeing the following when I try to publish or edit a pages entry : Fatal error: Call to a member function result_array() on a non-object in ...taxonomy/libraries/Ttree.php on line 1004 ...
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field editor with Matrix

I have an EE 2.5.3 build with Field Editor 1.0.3 and Matrix 2.5.2 installed. When I try to configure the Matrix field from the field list, it looks like it's loading but then craps out. I get this ...
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