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Understanding Channel Field Groups/Channel Fields/Status Groups

What is the difference between channel field groups and channel fields? Is there a difference? Secondly, how would you explain what a status group to someone who is a novice? I would like to teach ...
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How to create a Channel Field Group using API

I am creating an extension where on install I am creating a Channel and adding Fields to the Channel using the EE API. I have found all the API functions to do this but the one thing I have not found ...
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How to re-assign channels to different field groups?

I have channels sharing the same field group and am thinking about re-assigning them to different groups because they will develop in different directions (= different fields needed). Is this possible ...
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Channel Field Group gone

I have an odd one where it appears that 1 of my custom field groups has disappeared. I don;t when, there is no backup (even if there was I can't tell wether it disappeared yesterday or last year). It ...
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field editor with Matrix

I have an EE 2.5.3 build with Field Editor 1.0.3 and Matrix 2.5.2 installed. When I try to configure the Matrix field from the field list, it looks like it's loading but then craps out. I get this ...
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EE1 - Copy Field Groups to another site in MSM or use them in another site template?

I need to copy a page to another segment in a site both in MSM on 1.6.8. I was just calling the site="first-site" from the second site template and using the info that way. The problem is that the ...
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Shared field group?

Can I put all my fields into one field group and show just the fields I need on each channel's publish view? Any future issues I might run into working this way?
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