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Fieldtypes handle all of the different types of data you can store in your Channels. ExpressionEngine includes a number of Fieldtypes by default, and you can install or uninstall additional ones.

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EE5 : File upload field not displaying in entry

any idea what's going wrong as the file upload field is not displaying ? CHMOD Permissions checked, PHP version 7.00 checked... But no problem to upload an image directly through File Manager
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Bring Matrix Data Editing to the Front-End using Channel Form

I am trying to create a form - FRONT END USER (channel form tag) - that uses a wizard (which is working) and in one panel it allows the user to fill in fields then duplicate the fieldset to add ...
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FieldFrame fieldtype errors after upgrading from EE1 to EE2

I've recently upgraded from EE1 to EE2. I had some issues with upgrading the add-ons which you can see here, but I now have a working cpanel that I am able to log into, but on the frontend I am ...
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Error when posting: using Cartthrob Permissions cannot locate cartthrob_field_model

When I add the cart throb permissions fieldftype to a channel and try and post I get the error: Unable to locate the model you have specified: cartthrob_field_model Cart throb is up to date ver 2.4 ...
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Get the current entry/template fieldtypes in a plug-in

I'm working on my first, more complex add-on and had a question on gathering field properties. If I create a tag pair, which wraps a field inside a template, what would it take to get the tag ...
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Validation in the save_settings method of a custom fieldtype?

How does one go about including validation code associated to the save_settings() method in a custom fieldtype? Basically I want to check the posted values of the fieldtype's settings before saving ...
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In a Matrix Fieldtype, how does one call a function before all the rows are saved using save_cell()

In a custom Matrix fieldtype I have, the save_cell() function is used to process the fieldtype data for each row. It seems this function is called on a per row basis, so not called once. What I ...
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Automatically add rel="noopener" to hyperlinks set to open in a new window

Is there an easy fix that will append rel='noopener' to every link that’s set to open in a new window when using the hyperlink button in a text area field?
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NSM error in in EE 5.2.6

When I go to Channel Manager -> Channels and click Edit (pen) I get this error. > Unable to load requested field type file: ft.nsm_morphine_theme.php. Confirm the fieldtype file is located in the /...
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Possible to display fields in the EE interface conditionally?

An EE feature I’ve always wanted. I’d love to be able to show/hide fields in a field group conditionally, based on the values of another field. For instance: One field asks which image type you ...
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Images Not Saving in Channel Entry

Bit of a weird problem. We are able to upload images successfully via the basic publish entry form, but if an edit is made to the entry (even if it's just a text edit), the image disappears from the ...
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Issue with 'Plates Field Type

I'm running into an issue with the 'Plates field type. The site is running EE v2.5.5. When I select a layout, the selection doesn't "stick". It appears to when I select it, but when I save the entry, ...
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Structure field type - how do I get additional entry data to display?

I'm using the Structure field type as pictured. The only thing my template will output is {field_name}, which yields: But I need to access/display more info. If I ...
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grid_display_settings issues with a single row

I've had reported a problem with an add-on that settings for other fieldtypes aren't working when my fieldtype is enabled in a grid. I've spent some time on this, and can only assume the problem is ...
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Expression engine search using a numbers

I'm having this strange thing when I search for items in EE. Whenever I search for an item having the name "89580.32" this doesn't work. If I add a letter to it, it seems to work. The solution is ...
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Default fields not loading in Freeform Pro

I've just upgraded from Freeform to Freeform Pro so I could make use of the additional fieldtypes, but on installation of Pro I still only have four fieldtypes (text, text area, upload and mailing ...
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Relationships field limited, but it should search through all entries

It seems I have found something missing in the features of the relationships field. We have many native one to many relationships fields. I have to limit the results that are to be displayed on the ...
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