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Filtering by channel

I have a page where I am listing out all entries to all channels. I want to have a filter for filtering by channel. Anyone know how to do this with pro search (EE7)?
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Low Search filter by get parameters

I have a strange problem for a new template. I'm trying to retrieve some data from database based on query params. My query looks like: {exp:low_search:results channel="channel_name" status="active" ...
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How to refresh a "news" embed based on filter button clicked

I've got a "news" embed I'm calling from my homepage. Inside that news listing template it lists 7 articles based on the dates, which could be a mix of 4 different categories. I'm not using EE ...
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Getting second item from a tag-pair list

Have tag-pair (generated as part of output from external call to Amazon AWS Ecommerce API) that returns a list of languages - vis: {Item_ItemAttributes_Languages} {Language_Name} {/...
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detect when the channel entries list in control panel has been filtered

I am playing around with a creating an accessory for EE and I am trying to figure out how to run a JavaScript function after the channel entries listing has been filtered. Any idea how I go about ...
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Category filtering with combination of Not and Include Low Seg2Cat

I have the following code which doesn't showing any result if I combine these two together, is this the correct syntax? {exp:channel:entries channel="people" orderby="date" category="{...
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Using categories with Isotope

This one maybe a bit tricky, but currently I have a page that is using categories and isotope.js filtering to arrange channel entries. The filtering using the check-boxes works well. However one ...
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Show categories associated with a list of channel entries

I'm wanting to filter a list of product entries with Ajax and I am wanting to create a dropdown list of all categories associated with the current list of entries. eg. I have 100 products that have a ...
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