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Solspace User + Focuslab config member password reset link returns 404

EE 2.9.2 Solspace User 3.5.1 I've got a front-end member "forgot password" form on a site that uses Solspace User and Focuslab config and I'm removing index.php with .htaccess. My profile_trigger ...
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blank page after password request submit

I have this issue after upgrading from EE 2.5.5 to 2.7.2. The new EE method to reset the password gives the right page, but after having submitted the reset form all I get just a blank homepage. Those ...
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Solspace Reset Password Error 'The code number you submitted was not found in the database'

I am using Solpaces User module (v4.0.9) on a recent EE build (v3.5.10) and the reset password feature is throwing up the following error: The code number you submitted was not found in the database. ...
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Zoo Visitor Forgot password form not working

I'm using EE 2.8.1 and Visitor 1.3.32. I have the following form on a /forgot-password template: {exp:zoo_visitor:forgot_password error_handling="inline" reset_url="forgot-password" parse="inward"} ...
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Solspace User forgot password returns error: "Unable to send email at this time"

With Solspace User the forgot password function is returning the EE form error: "Unable to send email at this time.". However, the forgot password email is being sent to the member who requested it. ...
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