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Adding dynamic text to SVG

I’m looking for an easy way to add a bit of dynamic text to a svg graphic. Basically, I need to change a few characters (<50) next to a logo, and have it display in the correct font. Anyone done ...
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Pre-Sales: multiple content moderators and security

I'm trying to check if Expression engine is the correct product for a new project. I received the request from a customer to build a portal for a sporting association. This company organizes ...
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I'm new to e-commerce implementation and have a few general questions on what to expect

I've been developing EE sites for the past 4 years but haven't had an opportunity to build a site using ecommerce yet. I now have an opportunity to build a simple an ecommerce site and I'm confident ...
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List of Resources for EE developers and users?

I got this idea from the Russian Language and Usage site. Since "lists of links" are discouraged by the StackOverflow rules, this is a single question with a list of relevant resources for folks using ...
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