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Questions tagged [global-variables]

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Referrer/URL Helper ee3?

Really need the ability to grab the refering url that URL helper offered. Is this available for EE3 or is there an alternative?
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Do EE template partials have a preparse function similar to LowVars?

I'm wondering if there is a way to dynamically set variables within a template partial from the point at which it is included. This works in Low Variables as the preparse function, but is there ...
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{site_url} global variable not outputting in php header redirect

Trying to create the following redirect template for some structure pages, however the url is outputting like this{site_url}#section. Any idea why {site_url} variable isn't working?...
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CE String outputting global variable tag minus "{ }"

I've got a page behind a login that I have various member groups set up for. Depending on the member group, I want the link in the Downloads section to go to a different page: e.g. Contractors ...
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How to Modify a Global Date Variable

Is it possible to modify a date variable (entry_date in this case) so that you have entry_date plus one year (or any other amount of time)? For example, if entry_date was 6/4/14 2:59 PM, could I add ...
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