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URL segmentation GoDaddy

I have a problem with GoDaddy hosting. It seems that URL segmentation is not working, so I get link like this and I need link like this
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Connection refused (error 111) when sending SMTP mail

Have a site where when sending mail using an SMTP connect, I'm getting a "connection refused" error. When sending email using PHP or Sendmail, site owner is not receiving the emails at all. Site is ...
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Transfer EE site to GoDaddy

First off, I need to start with the fact that I cannot STAND GoDaddy... However, I had an old hosted account from 2002 on there and decided to use it as a dev playground to try some stuff out. I had a ...
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Strange hosting questions in regards to godaddy and index,php

I had a site (EE 1.6) that was on godaddy. Something was changed in order to allow the pages to load with a ? in the url's. ie: I am trying to move the ...