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Strange google links question

I'm getting tons of bogus links to my EE site (ee6) when I search on Google, as in, I can see this link in google: "" which is ...
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How do I install a custom javascript on all pages before the </body> tag?

I'm very new to ExpressionEngine and I couldn't find a similar question already posed. I have some javascript that I need to add to every single page. What's the best way to accomplish this? OR Is ...
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stop google from crawling ajax pages with no <head></head>

I have a static site that pulls in pop up content using ajax. I don't want search engines to index those ajax pages. I know there are ways to block pages with <head> <META NAME="ROBOTS" ...
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How to check if visitor is a bot?

On our site we use a plugin that uses the IP2Nation module to detect the country of the visitor. We then output amended content if the site is viewed from abroad - so instead of encouraging visitors ...
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Changing the <img> tag with CE Image?

So if you may or may not know, Google rolled out Amp'd pages and displaying these websites that are 'Amp ready' higher on the search results. Without getting into the details of Amp, we need to change ...
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Implementing Google Trusted Stores on EE Site

I'm trying to implement Google Trusted Stores on my Expression Engine site using Expresso Store addon. I was able to get the GTS Badge code/part to work, however I can't get the 2nd code/part to work....
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How do I connect my Expression Engine Site to Google Search Console?

I'm not very familiar with Expression Engine. I normally use Weebly, Wordpress, Wix, etc. I'm having a hard time connecting my site to my search console. Not sure where to put HTML tag or which ...
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Google crawling Solspace Rating Vote Links

I have an issue on a site I maintain where we use the Solspace Rating module. We have added up/down vote links on ratings and are triggering the click with a JavaScript event, however Google (and ...
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P&T Asset and Google Cloud Storage

I've created a Google Cloud Storage Bucket and enabled what I believe to be the right place for the Secret and Access ID - however, I'm getting the following error whenever I try to save and the ...
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tracking site searches with google universal analytics

I've been looking for a way to get Google Universal Analytics to keep track of our internal search results. We use the simple search and have results showing up in our search log inside EE. There is ...
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Google indexing weird EE URL's

One of our clients is having a problem with Google indexing incorrect URL's. The shop templates are using something like... {if segment_2 != "" AND segment_3 == "" AND segment_4 == ""} Parent ...
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Google Indexed URL Containing S= and Random Characters

When logged into the Admin of Expression Engine, and then visiting the front of the site, sometimes the URL contains an S followed by lots of characters, like this:
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How to hide unused member pages from public/google

I recently discovered that member pages for my EE site are showing up in Google search results, even though I'm not currently using members (beyond super admins) and I have no public member page ...
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Solspace Calendar, ICS_Update & Google Calendars

I am having problems with Solspace Calendar 1.8.4 in EE 2.7.0 using the ICS Update function. I've created a template with the following code: {exp:calendar:ics_update calendar_id='179'}{/exp:...
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Store/Google Analytics transactions discrepancy

Is there any reason why Store might not be logging transactions with Google Analytics apart from JS being disabled/unavailable? We have some orders not showing up in GA and the client is keen on ...
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Question - Wordpress Better SEO integratedd than EE?

There exist a local webdesign company that they say, that with wordpress ,every site they build with it , or passed from something else to wordpress, it worked much better as the traffic income was ...
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