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Search query string in URL (EE 3.x) for Google Analytics

I've read tracking site searches in google analytics but this seems to be "old" - for ExpressionEngine 2.x and an outdated version of the Google Analytics tracking code. Does anyone know if this is ...
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Tracking Video Plays in Google Analytics

So I have a rescue client running EE 2.10.1 where the client has a number of videos across the site that he wants to track plays. Can anyone provide pointers on how I can achieve this? I'm not very ...
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Conversion tracking in Expresso Store

I'm trying to figure out how to get Expresso:Store to add the necessary Google Analytics Ecommerce tracking code after checkout. Although the docs say you simply have to enable the Conversion ...
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Can I remove XID param from super search 'get' url?

I am trying to get google analytics site search to pull results submitted through my site's super search. I saw a post in the forums that I am supposed to change my form action from "post" to "get". ...
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Adding Google Analytics tracking code to website footer

Everytime I add the tacking code to the source code on the websiet, EE strip it out. Is there anyway to get it to stay without using a plugin?
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Using cp_analytics plugin for Expression Engine2

In a website I am busy building in EE2, I need to build a metric dashboard displaying all sorts of tracked analytics for the website. I installed the cp_analytics plugin into Expression Engine I ...
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Setting User ID for Google Universal Analytics

I'm trying to set the User-ID for Google's new Universal Analytics, but it keeps erring saying " SyntaxError: Unexpected token '{' ". Here is my code; <script> (function(i,s,o,g,r,a,m){i['...
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Save Templates as Files and Google Analytics

I am saving templates as files and now just recently I noticed that when I open a template in my Code Editor via FTP the then open template gets displayed in Google Analytics "Realtime" report, like ...
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query string params

Got a site that want to use tracking in URLS like Now this works fine locally but on the production server, it renders the 404. On MAMP I'...
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