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Adds-on for building a online assessment/application system

I am new to EE and plan to build an online assessment/application site. In short, users will be able to enter basic information and get a link to a proper online form/downloadable pdf which they ...
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New to EE 3.3.0 Ver - Cannot Assign Status Group To Channel

I am new to Expression Engine 3.3.0. I have a "News" Channel group and "News" field status group that I want to assign so I can separate my news articles from the ones that show at the top of my site ...
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How to create a member group admin?

What i try to achive is to have the following user structure: Member Group 1: Group Admin, User 1, User 2,... Member Group 2: Group Admin, User 1, User 2,... Member Group 3 ... ... I want the group ...
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