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Guest upload expression engine

I know that by default EE doesn't allow guests to upload a file. Though a client really needs this feature in his site. Isn't there a possibility to enable this for guests as well? I guess I would ...
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CartThrob 2.6.1 and EE 2.7.3 || Guest Add to Cart

I'm having a couple of issues with CartThrob 2.6.1 and ExpressionEngine 2.7.3. Are there any known issues with Guest Checkout with these versions? Here's the setup: User Must Be Logged In? NO ...
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Membership registration limited to list of email addresses

We're building a simple site for an event. Attendees must registrate. But we want to verify if they are on the guest list. Can we use the normal member registration? Is there an addon for this? Or is ...
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Session ID mode and internal links

My site uses a "guest" account and therefore needs to allow multiple simultaneous logins from different IPs. So I'm using "Session ID Only" for my Website Session Type. Is there any good ...
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Expressionengine2: how use a channel form for non logged in people (without expressionengine doing a guest login in the background)

I use a channel form which allows a non logged in person to post to a certain channel. On my entire site (so also on that particular page) I always have a AJAX login dialog, or when logged in a ...
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Channel Form file uploads in Matrix/Grid field not working for guest users

I have created a Channel Form that is intended for guest users (not logged in) to submit information including up to two image files. The form uses a Matrix or Grid field (I've tried both) for the ...
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Allow non member comments

I'd like to allow anyone to comment through my EE site, but it seems that the standard comment module only allows a logged in user to comment. Is there a way to: allow any one to comment assume ...
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Cartthrob: Save Customer Info Form problem, for guests

Recently, a client requested that their existing Cartthrob site now allow guest checkouts. Currently it’s using a multi-page checkout. One page uses {exp:cartthrob:save_customer_info_form} and the ...
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