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Freeform encoding attachment URL

Recently upgrade a site to 2.9.2 and Freeform 4.2.1 PHP 5.3.28 and all is going well until we spotted this oddity. The Notifications templates setup for the customer and admin emails use this: {...
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insert paragraph tag in exp_channel_data field?

I am inserting a para in one of the fields in table exp_channel_data. The problem i am facing while retrieving that data. Suppose if the inserted para is like : Kawhi Leonard had 22 points and ...
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HTML entities in Title field

I can't figure out where expression engine is changing my title to html entities. This is specifically for the required title field Text like: "Test á Character" is being stored as "Test á...
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How do I escape characters in an RSS feed?

Here's a link to my RSS feed's failed validation. Nevermind the subtitles being too long, I'll fix that later. But fixing these special characters is a pill and in company names where it's part of ...
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How to stop EE from converting straight quotes to html entities in <script> tags in an entry

I'm trying to embed an instance of jwplayer in an entry. The embed code for that looks something like this: <div id='my-video'></div> <script type='text/javascript'> jwplayer('...
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How can I convert special chars into html entities

One of my matrix cells for the caption/description is set to NONE formatting. Sometimes, editors will put in quote marks which confuses my html code. How do I convert any special chars like the qoute ...
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How to stop Matrix NSM TinyMCE field from converting HTML tags to entities

I have a matrix with a text field and a NSM TinyMCE field. For some reason the NSM TinyMCE field keeps converting HTML tags to entities. So I get things like: <p>&lt;p&gt;&amp;lt;p&...
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RSS / Atom feed is outputting encoded entities instead of quotes in titles

When publishing my Atom feed, quotation marks are being converted to HTML entities and being output without conversion back to the character. Example: Article title: What's New Today! Output in ...
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Foreign Languages Displayed as HTML Entities

So we've just completed a transition from EE1 to EE2 for a client with a very large database of publications. Some of the publications are available in multiple languages, with Chinese, Korean, and ...