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0 answers

Avatars and Image Manipulations in EE3?

Is there a way to apply image manipulations to member avatars like you can with "regular" images? There's a line in the EE changelog that implies this is possible: Unified Upload Directories: ...
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1 answer

How To Call A Image Manipulation With Grid

I am trying to simply create a slider using Grid. The 'small' images would be the thumbs etc. Have to say, I have worked on this for more then 2 hours trying to see what is up...but I am obviously ...
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1 answer

How do I manipulate the value of a tag prior to final output?

I need to have PHP on "input" instead of "output" (to feed some tags) so I can't use PHP to change the value of a tag. Is there either a built in function to handle this, or a way to make my own tag ...
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2 answers

Color issue on native image manipulation

I have just used EE's native image manipulations for the first time and boy did they work great. However, my client looked at the site after I replaced the old images with the resized ones and her ...