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IP logging in ExpressionEngine always shows

It seems that both the access logs, search logs and comments in ExpressionEngine always display with a local IP address of How can I have EE show the actual IP address a user, search or ...
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Restricting content based on visitor’s location - EE3

I’m looking for a way to hide certain content on an ExpressionEngine 3 site if the visitor is outside the UK. I thought I might be able to use IP to Nation, but this proved not to be the case. Is ...
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Image urls on remote server

I uploaded my site to a remote server but the links to the image are still pointing to the local version. I have synced the file folders. What do I need to update to get this to work.
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Disable freeform if user has submitted details and returns to the site

Is there a way to disable a freeform form if a user has already submitted their details? There is a plugin that can pull the users IP but how do I compare to that to the list of IP addresses of ...
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ExpressionEngine Blacklist Does Nothing

I've turned on the ExpressionEngine blacklist module (V3.0.1 on EE2.8.1) and despite black listing a series of IPs (including one of my own for testing) it has made no difference. I can post to ...
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Handle Dynamic IP Addresses on Login

Currently, it would appear that if a user is using a system with a dynamic IP address, they will be logged out every time the IP address changes. The "solution" that has most commonly been presented ...
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What happens when an IP address isn't found in the IP to Nation database?

I have a site where a few people are reporting that all they get is a blank page when they visit it. This started happening after we put some country detection code on there that showed tweaked ...
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Detect user is coming from which country?

There are some channels in my table that will give different data which will vary with different countries. I want to detect it at the very begining.I did see some free pulgins but are very ...
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ipgeo plugin errors

Installing the Clive Zagno IPGEO third-party plugin to EE2 third_party folder, my web page embededded with {exp:ipgeo:country} gives out "webpage not available" error. I tried debugging; however not ...
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What is the best way to determine geolocation in EE?

I need to be able to determine a visitors location (city, state) when they get to the site and then show them content based on that. For example, if I go to the site. I would see all the information ...
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Accessing MSM install without a domain/subdomain

We're developing the site on a test URL (server IP). Is it possible to access the the MSM site without setting it up as a sub-domain or domain - ie. is there a path I can use while it's in development?...
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ip_to_nation not working with ip_address

I've set up ip_to_nation like the user guide says to do it: {exp:ip_to_nation:world_flags image_url=""} {ip_address} {/exp:ip_to_nation:world_flags} But ...
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Handling banned IPs when you deploy using version control

I'm ending up with banned IPs being added to my bootstrapped config file by ExpressionEngine on the live server but this means my local config.php is at odd with the live version. How should I handle ...
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