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Minifying Cartthrob /store/cart.js

I am using Cart Throb and I am just wondering what is the best way to minify the /store/cart.js file obviously this has some expression engine templating within this file so when I use my normal ...
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2 answers

ExpressionEngine Control Panel SSL HTTPS Issue

I have an issue with the HTTPS header for the ExpressionEngine control panel where the JS is being disabled. It keeps generating error messages where HTTP is being loaded over HTTPS (see below): ...
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2 votes
2 answers

How to minify HTML, CSS & JS in ExpressionEngine 3?

With the increasing relevance of website performance on mobile (see Google's upcoming mobile-first index for example) I'm looking for a way to minify the HTML that EE outputs. I know that there's ...
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How to update record using angular post?

I am trying to update record by angular post, below is code: $.post(url, data, function (result) { var error = false; if (result.success == 1 && (result....
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Include CSS file in JS

I have a problem with url in js file First, in Snippets i have code In that init.js i have that (function($) { skel.init({ reset: 'full', breakpoints: { global: { range: '*', ...
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Minimee CSS tags produce output while JS tags do not

Has anyone ever encountered a situation in which the Minimee tag pair (using version 2.1.10) correctly outputs a minified CSS file to the cache directory, but the JS tag pair simply has no effect at ...
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