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Structure Monthly Archive - archive template

I have a listing channel of a news/blog page. I'm attempting to use the Structure Monthly Archive plugin to achieve this. Everything seems to be as it should, however I keep getting a 404 error when I ...
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Listing Page pullling in latest article for every article

I have created a listing page and each time a new entry is created the information is pulled in correctly in the loop. Although when I click on the link for a specific blog article it always displays ...
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Listing entry showing same article no matter what url is using template routing

I have a listing entries template set up that is using routes (not even sure that's the issue), but same article on listing entry page no matter what the url is. What am I missing? Set up a template ...
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Links out of Structure Listing in Wygwam is missing trailing slash

When adding a link in Wygwam through Structure Listing, the link is missing a trailing slash. Due to our SEO policy we would like to have a trailing slash in the url's. How to realize?
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Shortlist - Multiple list validation and removal not working

I have tried to use this below peace of code to auto add list for all the users. Then based on user action try to remove entries from any existing list and add to new one that i wanted. But multiple ...
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Structure / Listing Pagination

Pagination isn't working for me in Structure for a listing-template. My entries loop for the listing looks like this: {exp:channel:entries channel='remedy' limit='9' dynamic='no' ...
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