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Live look allows you to preview a post within an ExpressionEngine template.

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In Expression Engine 4, live look preview is displaying A HREF links

Instead of a normal blue link, LIVE LOOK renders the link like this: [url="" target="_blank"]Geomagic[/url] I am using EE 4.1.3. How can I prevent the live look preview from ...
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EE 3 Live look button

Can someone tell me where the Live look button is located in the v3 control panel? In v2 it was alongside the entry title in the edit listing.
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Zenbu live look link and Publisher drafts

Zenbu offers the option to add a Live Look link to it's entries overview. But our client was complaining, this doesn't work for draft entries (using Publisher). Adding the {exp:publisher:toolbar} to ...
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Control Panel with Masked CP CORS issues

MSM Setup EE 2.7.2 The site I am working on has masked CP access sitting on a subdomain of the site. This is a MSM setup in which the MSM sites are subdomains of the primary site. Something like: ...
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include url title in live look template

I'm trying to use the live look feature in expression engine to preview entries, but it doesn't pass the URL title to the preview template. Am I doing something wrong or is this just not allowed? I ...
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How do I prevent encoding of URL in Live Look?

Something has happened to the Live Look links in the entries within my control panel. After submitting a new article, the Live Link (link to a preview of my article) looks like this: https://mysite....
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