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1 answer

Work out range with Low Nice Date for past Low Events

I am using Low Nice Date to work out the range between the start date and end date of a Low Event. I am testing to see if if the start date and end date are the same, if they are the same I want the ...
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Low Nice Date days are off on range

I am using Low Nice Date (Good and simple addon BTW) to calculate elapsed time between current date and an even in years past. The problem seems to be that it is not taking into account the leap years....
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Embed variable as from or to date. Should this work

EE2.9.2, Low Nice Date 2.2.1 Main template: {exp:zoo_visitor:details} {embed="applications/_author-application-list" memberDob="{cf_stual_date_of_birth timezone='Europe/London'}" ...
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Allow members to set their own localization preferences? NO - date shows hour

After setting Allow members to set their own localization preferences? NO in Member > Preferences the member_birthday in a zoo visitors edit form shows hours: BEFORE: 30/11/2000 AFTER: 30/11/2000 00:...
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2 answers

Using Low Replace and Low Nice Date Together

The database has a string which is a date in the format of dd/mm/yyyy (13/03/2014). No, it has not been saved to the database as a proper date/time. With Low Replace we are able to change the format ...
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