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Output categories from a CatGroup, as 'group/list' of category related entries EEv2.9

New to EE overall but trying to output 'lists' of category specific entries within a specific category group. Essentially the logic I think I need is: 'for unique each category in categoryGroup output ...
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How to select Low Reorder set from content of {segment_n}?

I have a set of categories within a single group that I apply to entries in a channel to differentiate different classes of document (FAQs, Case-Studies etc.). I've set up a listing page that uses ...
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Reordering Entries

I know this is super simple, because I have done it before. I need to reorder my entries (ex: newsletters) by dragging them into the correct order, rather than assigning a new number for each entry. ...
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low-reorder first or last page

I have a channel that is using {exp:low_reorder:next_entry} and {exp:low_reorder:prev_entry} If I am on the first entries page I need to link to the last entry, then if I am on the last entry link ...
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How to order Low Search results by Low Reorder Set?

I know it's possible to sort Low Search results by a Low Reorder set (, but for the life of me I cannot figure out how to do it. I have a Low Reorder ...
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Is there a way to display just 1 low-reorder channel from a order set that has multiple channels?

I have products on my site and the client would like to order them, hence why I am using low reorder. On the main page all the different products need to be displayed, each product is in a different ...
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Speeding up load times on this code

The following code is causing a 8-9 second page load delay on our site and I’m trying to whittle this down however I’m not sure which conditionals to try to change in order to best affect the load ...
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Low Reorder, count, and total_results - trying to test for last entry in each category

I have a people page that is separated into three different categories, and I am using Low Reorder to allow my client custom control over what order the people are displayed in each category. That ...
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Is it possible to duplicate the Low reorder sets across the sites automatically?

How can I duplicate the same Low Reorder sets that I have on my master site on all the duplicated sites on MSM? I have 50 sites to deal with and I don't want to do it manually. Thanks, Salvo
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Low Reorder not overriding the default filter settings

I'm using a Low Reorder set with a limited Statuses list in the filter settings, e.g. but there is one page that I would like to use different statuses. {exp:low_reorder:entries status="Current-...
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Is there something like Low Reorder just for Categories?

I'm in the process of taking things out of our codebase and into content where they belong, things like navigation and listings of categories. I really enjoy the features offered up by the Low Reorder ...
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"Low Reorder for Structure" plugin - links to the wrong reorder list

Do any of you use the Low Reorder for Structure plugin? Assuming you're using Structure & Low Reorder, it adds a link next to a page which has listings, and changes the "Add or Edit" link to be "...
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Custom Category Fields with in categories loop in LowReorder loop

I'm not getting custom category fields to echo out within a {categories} loop that is also within a {exp:low_reorder:entries} loop. Any thoughts? Just outputs as the custom category field shortname ...
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Show a list of child categories plus it's entries

I need to show a list of child categories plus it's entries. I had done this great using a child categories extension but now I need the ability to use Low Reorder. I have tried numerous ways get them ...
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Add to homepage and reorder

I am trying to find the most common way to add entries to the home page and then reorder them. In the past I have set a custom status and used Low Reorder to sort the entries. Are there other ...
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Is it possible to output exp:channel:category_archive listings to match the Low Reorder order of the entries?

Before I start adding multiple Channel Entries tags to a template, and getting my hands dirty with custom SQL, I wanted to see if this was possible. I'm using exp:channel:category_archive in the ...
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