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How to add tags to mailchimp with freeform_next

i have a few newsletter signup forms (mailchimp) on this site. We need to differentiate the subscribers to different forms in mailchimp. We do that via tags. How can i add the tags to the newsletter ...
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How to add a MailChimp Sign Up form for a Newsletter to a website

I am using MailChimp for sending out Newsletters but I would like to add a MailChimp Sign Up form to the website on the Home page. How do I do this? I am extremely new to this product so thank you ...
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Zoo Visitor and Mailchimp Subscription

We have an old client site running EE2 (2.9.2) with Zoo Visitor (1.3.34) and @monooso's Mailchimp Subscribe (1.2) to automate signing up to mailing lists on registration. Not quite sure why but ...
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Mailchimp Integration with Segment Capability

Looking at the available EE plugins handling MailChimp integration there don't appear to be any that automatically allows you to assign subscribers to a "segment". MailChimp provides Groups and ...
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Adding interest groups when using SL Mailchimp Subscribe

I know there are alternatives but does anyone know how to set up the interest groups field when using SL Mailchimp Subscribe? I've currently got a checkbox field containing the different Interest ...
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DevDemon Forms Mailchimp

I'm using DevDemon Forms module and want to map entries to MailChimp. I inserted my API key into the Settings panel and have added a Subscribe to Mailing field type in form. But there are no ...
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MailChimp integration

Now that SL MailChimp Subscribe is no longer in development*, is there an alternative that I can use to sign-up members to a MailChimp list? *The extension throws a Javascript error for EE2.9.2
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Subscribing the current member via Postmaster

I have a template that is called when a user wants to subscribe to the newsletter. It is formatted like this... {exp:postmaster:campaign:subscribe service="MailChimp" api_key="XXXXX" ...
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Subscribing Expresso Store customers to Mailchimp with SL MailChimp Subscribe

We've installed both Store and Mailchimp subscribe however seem to have run into a few issues: If a user registers via the default register screen, the form works and they get subscribed to mailchimp ...
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What are the benefits of MailChimp over EEs native Mailing Lists?

Why should I use a AddOn to let Members opt-in a Mailing-List managed by MailChimp, when there is a native EE-Mailing-List-Module? What are the benefits of using MailChimp instead of EEs own/native/...
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SL MailChimp Subscribe Issue

I know the plugin is not being developed or supported by the author anymore, but does anyone have experience with SL MailChimp Subscribe? It only seems to be half working for me. Some members are ...
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Need to add a Zoo Visitor to mailchimp on registration - options?

I'm using Zoo Visitor to handle membership on an EE2.6.1 site and my client would like members to have the option to add themselves to their mailchimp account when filling out the member registration ...
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