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Anyone recommend a replacement for Postmaster addon?

For v5? I think the addon is not developed anymore and stopped at v2. Basic functions needed are: mailout confirmation on signup/registration specific to different groups. Anything out there?
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Download mailing list

I'm hoping this is a simple question to answer ... How do I download an ExpressionEngine mailing list? I can easily add emails to an existing or new mailing lists however I can not work out how to ...
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Mailing List Module not working

I'm using the following code in my template for a Mailing List form, but it doesn't seem to be working. {exp:mailinglist:form list="default" } <div class="form-group"> <label ...
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Attempting to trouble shoot email issues but I have no exp_postmaster_mailbox

I currently have two sites I'm working on right now which utilize the built in email module. I can fill the form out, hit submit and I get a message saying it's been sent, but it never gets sent. I ...
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MX Notify Control unsubscribe link

Anyone out there use MX Notify Control? I am using the extension to send an email to a mailing list for a new channel entry. It uses a standard template as the email, problem is I need to include an ...
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