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Hide Grid row based on date

I am using the Grid field built into EE, 2.8.1, to display event dates. In the Grid column I have an event date field to let you know when the event starts. What I would like to do is have this date ...
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How to display the lowest number from multiple fields - PHP?

I have channel entries with around 20 number fields, each containing a price: {price_1}, {price_2}, etc. I need to display the lowest of these prices in the entry's template but am finding it ...
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Using plugin results within channel tags

I use this code using exp:math plugin: {exp:channel:entries channel="planilla_de_indicadores" limit="10"} {exp:math formula="([1] / [2]) * 100" parse="inward" params="{ps_talleres2}|{ps_talleres1}" ...
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Adding up (SUM) the values of a field in an entries loop

I have an ee entries loop returning a bunch of entries. Each entry has a custom field holding a numerical value. I would like to add together the values of that field at the end and output the total. ...
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Low Variables in cartthrob arithmetic

Hi is there any posibility to get this working? {exp:cartthrob:arithmetic expression="{option_price_numeric} -({option_price_numeric} * {exp:low_variables:single var='early_bird_discount'} / 100)"} ...
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2 fields with numbers...need to add them together for sorting entries by that number

I have a channel with 2 fields, "New Square Footage" and "Remodeled Square Footage". I'm displaying both of these numbers in my template. I want to be able to sort the entries by the total of both of ...
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Arithmetic with forms

I have a form that will help a user build up a quote for fees to move house. The first page of the form will ask the user to select their nearest location from a drop down list, they will then enter ...
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Can I add together the values of the cells in each Matrix row?

The Matrix docs say: :average, :lowest, :highest, and :sum These tags return the average, lowest, highest, or sum value of a given numeric column in your Matrix field. I have a matrix field ...
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Populate channel field based on other fields arithmetics

Let's assume I have a “products” channel which contains 3 fields: price(number), discount(integer 1 to 100), discounted_price(number). Is there a way to populate the discounted_price field in CP, ...
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Calculating a value with Stash and MX Calculator

I'm trying to do some basic math using a Stash Get var and MX Calculator. Any recommendations? I'm sure my lack of understanding of parse order strikes again. I can get the variable using: {exp:...
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