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Permissions - Member Group Permissions overridden by Entry Access

In a complex website I have a Channel which a Member Group (Minutes) has got full access to. I want the users of that channel to be able to add and edit those entries and those of other Authors in ...
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Limit relationship field options to those authored by current member group

I have a channel field that has a relationship to another channel. In cPanel, in the dropdown of the relationship field, I want it to only display the items in the other channel that was authored by ...
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Change Member Group by non SA

I'm in the the throws of building a site that is based purely on membership. Everything is sweet with pretty much all activity (post, comment, edit, delete etc) NOT requiring anyone to go to the CP it'...
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Requiring Admin approval for profile changes

So I'm looking for some suggestions. I have a client who needs to import user data from an old application they'd like to deprecate into an EE4 installation and integrate how they listed member data ...
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Adding members via Channel Form

We want to allow our members to add (aka "register") their team members as users on our website with their own login information. The new user should be linked to their company (currently a Playa ...
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How to create a member group admin?

What i try to achive is to have the following user structure: Member Group 1: Group Admin, User 1, User 2,... Member Group 2: Group Admin, User 1, User 2,... Member Group 3 ... ... I want the group ...
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Relating Members to each other

I'm trying to figure out how (if possible) to relate members to each other. I have teachers registering with Zoo Visitor and are added as Teacher Member Group. They need to be able to then assign ...
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EE removes third member group from all channel posting privileges

I am running into an issue with EE. I currently have 3 member groups set up. These are: Super Admins - who have full access to the admin panel Staff- who have limited access to the admin panel Guests ...
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All the member paths give a 404 error

The title says it all really - I have built a custom login page using {exp:member:login_form} but when I create a link using {path='member/forgot_password'} and {path='member/register'} etc they just ...
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