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Meta Title Breaking After Apostrophe

EE 5.2.2 The title meta tag from the default site html-wrapper template is this <meta property="og:title" content="{layout:og_title}">. It is working great for everything except if there's an ...
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Display entry title inside an images

I'm sure this is a basic question (EE is not my bag): I am trying to create a fallback for an image's alt text where if the image does not have a description then to use the title of the entry in its ...
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Headlines in social media/metadata

all, Just started a new job at a publication and inherited EE, as well as social media accounts. When I post content to FB/Twitter, though, what would normally be the headline field simply pulls in ...
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MSM site and Better Meta plugin

How can I get Multisite managed site to work with the Better Meta plugin? I have templates on one site but how can I get different metadata from the Better Meta options and from channel entries on ...
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NSM Better Meta & Using EE Layouts

What is the propper way to use NSM better meta and layouts? At the moment, my layout has the NSM tag in the head, I've wrapped some channel entry tags around it. Not sure if this is the correct way ...
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Facebook Dynamic Open Graph Meta Data

I want to dynamically add content to the facebook open graph meta data. Here's my code, but the content field shows up blank on page load. <meta property="og:title" content="{exp:channel:entries}{...
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og:description not pulling contents from meta

I am recently experiencing problems with metadata for Facebook and I was wondering if any other EE user has experienced the same. In principle, the code should be fine and was actually working till ...
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Channel categories and metadata

For the entries I'm using SEO Lite module but what can I do for categories landing pages metadata except default from SEO Lite module? Conditionals are not the best choice for because I have about 120 ...
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Best practices: Images in entries with custom HTML5-attributes

I want the images in my entries look like: <a data-footer="xy" data-title="xy" data-toggle="lightbox" href="img.jpg" title="xy"> <img class="img-responsive" alt="xy" src="/path/img.jpg" /...
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NSM Better Meta database error

I'm using NSM Better Meta 1.1.3 with EE 2.7.2 . I'm trying add entry specific meta data, however when I use the tag: {exp:nsm_better_meta:template url_title="{segment_3}"} I get the error below. It ...
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What is the best method for automating SEO META data on a site

Ok, I could be over complicating things, but here is what I am up against and what all I have tried... I am working on rebuilding a site in which they do not want their users to have to worry about ...
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Custom asset metadata fields

Is there anyway, or any plans to add the ability to create custom metadata fields for (Pixel & Tonic's) Assets? I can't see any references on the docs, nor any content on the web directly ...
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