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Questions tagged [migration]

About migrating content to/from ExpressionEngine.

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Migrated site's entries not updating

We have a site that was migrated to a staging environment. For all the custom fields as well as the title/url_title fields, any edits/updates are not being saved. However, a new entry is being saved ...
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Help diagnosing weird migration problem

I would value any suggestions / help available regarding a weird problem I'm having with an EE migration. Trying to create a clone of an existing site (that works just fine) to do some development to ...
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Migrating from Catrthrob to Expresso

Has anyone migrated from CartThrob to Expresso Store ? I have a site using cart throb and we need sales (specials) functionality. This is not handled very will is CartThrob, but Expresso does it ...
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Errors after migration of ee 2.9.3 to new host

I have imported the database and all website files to my VPS hosting environment via FTP. I have followed steps #7 and #8 as seen in the migration guide:
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Migrating from one server to another - linebreaks in HTML

I'm migrating an EE (2.10.1) installation from one server to another. The CP seems ok, but all of the templates show linebreaks as \n, effectively breaking the site. The SQL import / export appeared ...
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Copy / export channel entry content

I have a production and local environment that I want to be able to transfer content between. I can't take a copy of the database as the production environment and local will be at different stages of ...
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Moving EE to AWS

Our website is hosted by a private company in UK... They designed the website and are also hosting it. I am thinking of moving the website to Amazon Web Services. Has anyone ever tried this and what ...
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Issues migrating (no entries/channels/fields/template files)

Duplicating/ Migrating an EE site (used EERelocate) Template files: updated template file locations everything is writable; e.g., 666/777 followed all the migration walkthrough on ElisLab site - ...
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Template routing stopped working after server migration

We migrated a site we've been working on to a new server with the same host, the server spec is technically greater but from a software perspective it's running the same flavour of Apache, PHP and ...
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Possible to upgrade from EE1 to EE2 Core?

Is it possible to upgrade a normal version of EE1 to EE2 core ? Is there a guide? Thanks
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