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About migrating content to/from ExpressionEngine.

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Migrating between Development, Staging and Production for a pre-existing ExpressionEngine site

This is a topic which is a major headache for us and I'd like to see how other folks tackle it. We manage some pretty big sites which run on ExpressionEngine. Our clients sometimes ask for changes ...
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Redirecting from old Wordpress URLs — getting query strings

I'm migrating the content of a Wordpress blog to EE. The old blog has this URL structure: /news/2012/08/08/2013-schedule/ And I need to redirect to this: /news/post/2013-schedule/ At the moment I ...
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How to add .html to URL's

I am building a reasonable size replacement site in EE and will be migrating content from an existing static-built site. In order to maintain as many inbound and internal links as possible, what is ...
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Migrating/duplicating Content/Members from a Production site to Development

(I don't feel this is a duplicate of "Migrating between Development, Staging and Production for a pre-existing ExpressionEngine site" as I'm hoping it's much simpler/specific. Maybe it is a duplicate ...
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Moved to new server - Expresso editor - denied file access?

I've just moved an EE v2.7.2 site to a new server, following the EE-docs thoroughly. Verified all paths and file/folder permissions. Everything works well until i try to edit or publish an entry, ...
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Assets2: exp_assets_folders table gives error on migration [closed]

just upgraded to Assets 2 and must say the visuals are stunning. When migrating from my local machine to my online development enviroment i got the following SQL error when uploading the database. ...
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How to convert MH File Field's with multiple images?

Anyone successfully convert MH file fieldtype that has multiple images to a matrix or similar? I have some entries that have multiple images tied to a single MH file field. I'm in the process of ...
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How to migrate an existing site into an MSM install?

I have inherited a client project that involves a number of EE installs (6 in all, though some are MSMs themselves, so total number of sites is ~10) which I would like to merge into a single MSM ...
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How do I import into a Channel Images field using DataGrab?

I'm using XML and DataGrab to move our blog posts to a new home. All the other fields are migrating correctly, but I can't get the Channel Images field to use a image url that's being supplied by my ...
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2 answers

Migration from File Manager to Assets

I am working on a fully-developed site that is currently live, with hundreds, perhaps thousands of images and files in preset folders using File Manager in EE. As a pre-purchase question, I guess... ...
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Would like tips and advice on updating website URL and Server Path in EE1 to a subdomain

I'm doing a major re-desing of an old EE1 site and would like to stick a copy of the old site on the subdomain for future access. With EE2 there are wonderful addons like ...
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Migrating entire site from V2 to Open Source - how?

We have an EE site built on v2.10.1 and it’s creaking at the seams. The site was designed and developed by an external agency about 4 years ago before my time began here. I am a Wordpress veteran, but ...
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Migrating ExpressionEngine 2.11 to version 4

I have an installation with ExpressionEngine v. 2.11 and need to move it to a new server so that will involve upgrading the installation to version 4 Where can I find some steps for migrating and any ...
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2 answers

Some pages giving errors and not loading after migration

I recently migrated my localhost EE website to a remote Linux server. Now, a few (5 out of about 35) of my pages are returning this error (Google Chrome for Win7): No data received. Unable ...
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Expressionengine migration module

I'm a newbie in expression engine and would like to know if there is a module, app, plugin or script that allows for one to move not only the site but addonn settings from local > staging > production....
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0 answers

Migrated site's entries not updating

We have a site that was migrated to a staging environment. For all the custom fields as well as the title/url_title fields, any edits/updates are not being saved. However, a new entry is being saved ...
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Help diagnosing weird migration problem

I would value any suggestions / help available regarding a weird problem I'm having with an EE migration. Trying to create a clone of an existing site (that works just fine) to do some development to ...
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Migrating from Catrthrob to Expresso

Has anyone migrated from CartThrob to Expresso Store ? I have a site using cart throb and we need sales (specials) functionality. This is not handled very will is CartThrob, but Expresso does it ...
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New EE3 installation and other SQL-base

Sorry for my bad English. I have a website on EE1. I want EE3. There is a big problem with convert database (old PHP and MySQL on the server and can't converted via EE2, and if i update the PHP and ...
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How can I fix broken URLs after migration

I copied my staged working EE site to a SiteGround production server and the URLs are now broken. I have the site in xyznew directory. - The homepage does come up and displays properly at
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Migrate localhost (WAMP) EE install

I have an EE site configured via WAMP on my local computer-- that pretty much mirrors the site's production environment-- and I'm about to perform a clean OS install and am wondering what might be the ...
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2 answers

Remove index.php and subdirectory in url string

I moved my site to a new hoster. Everything works fine (Images path's js css templates, all fine). I adjusted all path's with Reelocate. But all the Link in the Navigation throw back this error ...
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Errors after migration of ee 2.9.3 to new host

I have imported the database and all website files to my VPS hosting environment via FTP. I have followed steps #7 and #8 as seen in the migration guide:
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Migrating from one server to another - linebreaks in HTML

I'm migrating an EE (2.10.1) installation from one server to another. The CP seems ok, but all of the templates show linebreaks as \n, effectively breaking the site. The SQL import / export appeared ...
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Copy / export channel entry content

I have a production and local environment that I want to be able to transfer content between. I can't take a copy of the database as the production environment and local will be at different stages of ...
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Moving EE to AWS

Our website is hosted by a private company in UK... They designed the website and are also hosting it. I am thinking of moving the website to Amazon Web Services. Has anyone ever tried this and what ...
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Issues migrating (no entries/channels/fields/template files)

Duplicating/ Migrating an EE site (used EERelocate) Template files: updated template file locations everything is writable; e.g., 666/777 followed all the migration walkthrough on ElisLab site - ...
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Template routing stopped working after server migration

We migrated a site we've been working on to a new server with the same host, the server spec is technically greater but from a software perspective it's running the same flavour of Apache, PHP and ...
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Possible to upgrade from EE1 to EE2 Core?

Is it possible to upgrade a normal version of EE1 to EE2 core ? Is there a guide? Thanks
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Channel Images: Migrating to CloudFiles

I have a client that needs to migrate to CloudFiles (currently hosting their assets on their own server). DevDemon indicated that they have a migration-script for current entries, but they are nowhere ...
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