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1 answer

Uploaded images and browser detection

I have main installation of EE3 ( and subdomain ( for mobile version. Also I use for detecting the device. Everything work well despite ...
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1 answer

CE Cache and Detect Mobile

I am trying to use CE cache with detect mobile so I can separate the desktop version of my site from the mobile version. I tried appending {exp:detect_mobile:type} to the CE cache id but the tag does ...
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2 answers

MX Mobile Detect reading newest Safari version as a mobile device

I have the plugin implemented on a website to detect for mobile devices and when it does it will display a slideshow instead of a video. This has been working fine, but I just noticed today that when ...
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Search not finding Entries of certain status on an iphone

I'm using Simple Search with the following code. {exp:search:simple_form channel="product" search_in="everywhere" status="open|sold|On Hold" result_page="/search" form_class="form-search pull-right"}...
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Deprecated function set_cookie() in MX Mobile Detect add-on

I'm using MX Mobile Detect by Max Lazar but it doesn't seem to have been updated for a while. Specifically, the Developer Log is showing the following error; Deprecated function set_cookie() called ...
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Can EE be used together with dynamic serving for mobile?

Long overdue, I am looking at trying to make my existing site more mobile-friendly. This was prompted by Google sending out their multi-screen guidelines to Adsense users, but as I went through their ...
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