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How to target a specific field in the Control Panel with CSS or JS to increase its height (P&T Multiselect)?

I have a Pixel & Tonic multi-select field with 50-60 rows in it. The users obviously need to be able to easily select more than one item. By default, the P&T field shows about 4 items at a ...
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Tagging content in one channel for other channels

We have a channel of article content (called 'Articles'), and each of those entries is categorized as either a 'standard, case study or bulletin.' I have 3 other channels, and I want to select when ...
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Has anyone coded a Playa Multi Select Drop Panes UI in a Safecracker Form?

Can't find anything online about it... is it possible? Someone must have done this before? Please give me some guidance.
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Populating an admin multiselect with channel entries

I am trying to work out how to populate an admin multiselect menu from entries within another channel. Basically I just want to allow my client to be able to add new values to the multi-select ...
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How can I get all the possible values allowed in a multi-select in my template?

I'm using EE 3.5.3 and I have a "use-area" field (in a grid of products) that's a multi-select box. In the template, i need to make a dropdown so you can filter the products by the use-area. Each ...
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Why does a multiselect fieldtype custom field result in a DB error

I have created a custom fieldtype that uses a multiselect box. However when I save the entry in the CMS, the following error occurs A Database Error Occurred Error Number: 1054 Unknown column 'Array'...
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Freeform Multiselect populated by relationship field

I am using the latest version of Freeform and trying to populate a multi-select with a relationship field of entries. Here is the code, at the moment it is only outputting the first result and not ...
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EE1 - FF Multi-select inside of another FFMS loop

I have two fields on an older site in EE 1.6.7. I am completely rebuilding the site in EE2, but in the meantime, they have a field I need help with. There are two fields in the entry that are both FF ...
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