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MX Notify sends emails to some members, but not all

I have no idea where to start troubleshooting this problem, but it seems that MX Notify is sending emails to some of my members, but not others. I have several triggers set up to send emails to the ...
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Possible to send message for status change

Should it be possible to send a notification in mx notify control if the status of an entry changes from x to y? I can get it to send if an entry with status x is updated but I only want it to send ...
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MX Notify Control in EE v 2.10.1

Does anyone know if there is an issue with this plugin for v 2.10.1 of EE? I've installed the plugin, created a rule for Entry Added, but I'm not receiving any notifications. I don't receive an error ...
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MX Notify Control not parsing Channel Entries tag

I'm trying to replicate the example here but Channel Entries tag in the notification email is not rendering at all. I've tried both Plain Text and HTML emails. Any ideas?
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