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Storing Single Option Value in Admin

I need to store a single numerical value in the admin for use in my templates. What is the best way to do this. I've reviewed Accessories, Extensions and Modules but can't seem to find something that ...
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Low Search - option thats not in field being searched for

My Low search form always searches for the first option in the field below (Grid column with value/label pairs) even if none of its options are selected. Can anyone help me with this? http://...
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Separate by size option

I am having a problem with my EE CartThrob cart. I have products with "options" for size. In the cart if I add 1 item size Small and 1 item size Medium they get added as the same item with a quantity ...
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Freeform Multiselect populated by relationship field

I am using the latest version of Freeform and trying to populate a multi-select with a relationship field of entries. Here is the code, at the moment it is only outputting the first result and not ...
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combining existing pages?

I am editing a webpage that is using EE. I am trying to make the table of contents smaller, is there a way for me to combine existing pages so that my table of contents will contain sub-categories? ...
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option Groups in select boxes

One of my fields is a channel in a select dropdown. Can I add option groups in Jumpstart > CP > Home > Administration > Channel Fields >Edit Field ? <select> <optgroup label="Swedish ...
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