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MSM - Template on site 1 and I want different url on site 2 to goto that template

I need help with Multi Site Manager - running on EE2: All templates are on on Site 1. So for example one template is "promotions/index" -> showing as "/promotions" naturally. On Site 2 I want the ...
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Can you use segment variables with the Pages Module?

I have a very specific URL structure I'm trying to set up: city-segment/venue-segment ex. houston/the-bar "city-segment" pulls from a City Channel while "venue-segment" pulls from a Venue Channel. ...
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5 answers

Alternatives to Structure add-on?

I've been using Structure to build EE sites for a long time, but on my biggest site I've run into a recurring Structure bug that they can't seem to reproduce or fix and it looks like I'll have no ...
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Detect if url is that of the Pages Module

Is there a way to know if the current url being called is that of the Pages Module? For example I'd like to do something like this: {if pages_module =="TRUE"} This is a page generated from the ...
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Template is rendering Grid field output incorrectly within an <a href""> tag

I have a Homepage channel setup with a homepage field group. Within the field group, there is a homepage_slider Grid field and within that Grid there is an image and page_link field. When called in ...
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Expression Engine channel content not showing

I am new to expression engine. I have a channel name "news" and I have published some pages. In my template, I have used code as {exp:channel:entries channel="news"} <h2>{title}<h2> {...
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Multiple Pagination on the same page

How we can integrate multiple pagination on the same page. anybody have idea ? I have integrate, but only first pagination is worked. You can see my script below: {exp:channel:entries channel="...
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Need help removing Pages URI

I'm using the Pages module. In one entry, I created a Pages URI just to test something. Now I want to remove the URI for that entry, but I can't. It seems to be forcing me to populate the Pages URI ...
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2 answers

How do I get the full uri of a selected entry from EE's Relationships field?

I'm trying to use EE's Relationships field to select a page and get the full URI of that page. Basically I want to be able to allow the client to select an entry from several different channels, and ...
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Is there a better way to link to pages than by entry_id?

I have a need to place a few links into various templates to pages that might have their names changed as other individuals do SEO things that I do not agree with. I was thinking the easiest way to ...
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3 answers

Check to see if a page_uri exists

Is there a way in EE1 (nice to know for EE2 as well) to check and see if a page_uri exists and if not redirect them to a 4040 page? Since page_uri's can be just about anything and any depth it's ...
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