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What is parse order and how does it affect how my template is coded/rendered?

What exactly is parse order and how does it impact my template code and whether I should use embedded templates, global variables, snippets, low variables, stash or any other method that I may not ...
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2 answers

Stash Embeds - Trying to be DRY

I'd like to know if/how Stash embeds could be used in a particular way. I'm trying to keep things DRY. Generally my templates look something like this: _wrapper.html <html> <body> &...
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3 answers

Global Variable Parsing in Add-On Module

Trying to figure out what appears to be a global variable parse issue in a module add-on template tag. Here's a sample of the tag used in the template: {exp:syn_fb_comments:show url="{current_url}"}{...
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Entry ID Returned From Plug-In Not Working in Channel Entries Tag

I've written a custom plugin which I call repeatedly (via a channel:entries tag) to store a list of entries in an array. (BTW, you have to set up a separate singleton class to do that, as the plug-in ...
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Parse order fun! Getting a stashed Assets image resized using CE Image inside a plugin parameter

Alright, let's see if I can explain this correctly: I am using Assets to store images to S3 CE Image is being used to manipulate the images and save/serve them from S3 I use stash to try and stay DRY ...
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3 answers

Set Custom Field Prefix With Stash

I have multiple channels with different field groups, but several duplicate fields. For example: Channels: products_bikes products_skateboards products_trikes Fields: bikes_summary ...
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2 answers

Stashing a structure variable and using it as a channel parameter

Here's the code i'm essentially trying to achieve {exp:stash:set="page_content"} {exp:channel:entries channel="photos" dynamaic="off" entry_id="{structure:child_ids_for:1}"} {!-- My Code -...
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4 answers

Using Plugin Tags Within Channel Tags

I have a plugin that allows you to set and store cookies using EE tags (so you don't have to enable PHP in your templates). Unfortunately, I can't get the tag to parse the cookie value within a ...
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Stash embeds: struggling to parse tags

I have a chain of embeds in Stash: A "main" template that embeds {stash:embed name="foo:.index"} foo:.index has 1 line of code: {stash:embed name="common:.serp" stash:group_id="6" stash:channel_name="...
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Check for channel entry seo data or use template code instead of defaults

I am using stash on a client site and was pushing over data from the entry itself for SEO meta, but want to provide the user the ability to customize it with the SEO Lite tab. Is there a way I can ...
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Playa in a Low Variable and Stash

Ok so I am using a Stash embed / view model approach. I have a custom filed Playa with specific articles for a product. I also have a Low Variable storing a playa of related articles for a category. ...
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