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php parse syntax error on cartthrob checkout

On my cartthrob site I can add and remove things to and from the cart just fine but when i go to checkout i get this error Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end, expecting ':' or '{' in ...
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Is there a built-in way to sanitize data with parse_variables?

I'm a developer on a huge site that does millions of dollars of transactions per day. Our client has recently engaged a White Hat scanning firm to scan the site, and we've been having some issues. ...
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Server Migration : New Lines in Playa Tag Pair Breaking Templates

I have an issue where the same template - specifically Playa tag pair - works on one server, but not on another. I just used the Plesk migration manager to move from a Media Temple DV 3.5 to DV 4. ...
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Check domain where site data SEO is being plugged into

I need to be able to plug in a page URL on Facebook and Twitter and display different images. I imagine this can be done with the og:type, but how do I check the domain in which the image is being ...
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Pull dynamic entries using Ajax template on multiple Structure entries with Relationships

I've created two separate Structure entries, both using the Page template below with Relationship entries. It works fine if I only want one page, but I've made a second page to pull different ...
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Populating tag parameter with date via math

I am having an issue getting a dynamic field to populate a parameter inside a tag. From what I have read it is because of parsing order. Specifically I am try to force a subscription via DevDemon ...
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