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XID POST from third party

I am trying to integrate payment gateway with Paypal express. the issue is the payment gateway sends post data from paypal express checkout back to a specific URL in our ExpressionEngine but does not ...
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Recurring subscription for posting channel entries

Hope this is OK to ask here. I have a relatively simple EE site set up, and I am soon looking to expand the sites scope by adding the option for business owners to be able to post an advert/...
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Expresso Store v2.5.1 and EE v2.8.1, WorldPay doesn't redirect after successful order?

For some reason after a successful test order I am not being redirected back to the site after paying via WorldPay. I have made sure that the settings tally up and are correct as per the docs here: ...
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Expresso Store: Realex Payments [closed]

i am very interested in new 2.0 version and see as with 1.0 there is no option for Realex Payments (irish payments handler) support. i know this is a niche market but is the only thing stopping me ...
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Exp:resso Store callback from WorldPay returning 403 Forbidden

Exp:resso Store v1.6.5 on ExpressionEngine v2.10.2 I have an integration using PayPal Express working just fine with callbacks, however with WorldPay as alternative payment provider, there's an error ...
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