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Custom PHP throwing an error {!-ra:0000

We have a need to pull in data from an external source using PHP. I’ve run into this issue before where EE doesn’t like the PHP formatting i’m using, yet it seems to work elsewhere. For example, if i ...
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Conditional Check Issue || Is Entry in any of these Categories?

Scenario The issue is that entries are in several categories and can be Featured (a FieldPack pill with yes/no options) but only want certain categories to show the entry. So I have a ...
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Attempting to use plugin to addslashes in a template not working

I am fairly new to EE so please bare with me. I have an issue where I want to use addslashes() on a template tag that is in an array. $product_array["{ProductEntryID}"][] = array( '...
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PHP string fun does not evaluate unless var is used elsewhere in template

I'm trying to use the PHP String fun plug-in to evaluate whether a current entry belongs to a specific channel and then show/hide a register prompt depending upon that. So I have a snippet: {...
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If condition for phpstringfun or streng?

I want to find if a string contains a word ot not? It is a pretty simple thing if i want to do it in php.But When it comes to EE you need some plugins to do the job of strpos. I have two plugins ...
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String failing evaluation as PHP causing blank/white page

We have a page on our new EE site which is failing to load (blank/white page) because of a PHP error which I'm having some difficulty troubleshooting. The page is at http://www.healthyschoolscampaign....
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Problem with phpstringfun and substr_count function

I'm using phpstringfun plugin to check a comma-delimited list for the presence of a single number. {exp:phpstringfun function="substr_count" par1="{member_group}"} {member-groups} {/exp:phpstringfun} ...
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