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Preload text for AMP

I'm trying to replace code within the body of an article depending on whether it is the AMP version or not. For example, an article with an embedded image that begins with
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User addon and preload replace

I'm using preload replace to show a specific entry for a user, but the variable always displays the first option in the list. What am I doing wrong? {exp:user:profile} {categories group_id="5"} {...
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Does EE3 support preload-replace with conditionals in grid fields?

I keep running into issues using preload-replace with conditionals that are in a grid field. I have the preload: {preload_replace:staticchannelslug="gp"} And am trying to use it like so: ...
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Stash variable changes inside of Playa tag

I have a stash variable set to the value of a transcribe variable at the top of my template: {exp:stash:set name="where_to_buy_translation" parse_tags="yes"} {exp:transcribe:uri path='/where-to-...
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Passing preload_replace variables into a plugin

I've been working on my first EE plugin today, and I need to make it dynamic by passing either a PHP variable, or I would have thought I can use a preload_replace variable, from the template that ...
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Parsing JSON in EE tag

We have a BrilliantRetail cart and I'm adding JSON data into an attribute named itemJSON. In the cart template, we loop through the items in the cart using the {items}{/items} tag and I need to show ...
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Preload replace not evaluating variable outside of pair

I am trying to get the current entry's category so I can make a comparison inside a menu elsewhere to see if the menu item is for the current page. I have the following code at the top of my template: ...
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Random String Returned on Plugin

I have a simple plugin that runs a query and returns a single value. {exp:company_id id='{segment_3}'} This outputs a number such as 5081 If I do this: {preload_replace:cid="{exp:company_id id='{...
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Does preload_replace not work in stash:embed templates?

This is a fairly straight forward question... Does preload_replace not work in stash:embed templates? In my embed templates, I tend to set a bunch of preload replace variables for things like channel ...
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