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301 redirection works but status showing 302, how to fix this?

I have made redirection old url to new one using the redirection but status show the following 302 Found Status: 302 Found Code: 302 Date: Thu, 27 Aug 2015 12:01:37 GMT ...
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Redirecting Cartthrob to a different gateway when cart_total = $0?

I'm working on a digital downloads site that has free and paid downloads. When only free items are in the cart at checkout, I want to use the ct_offline_payments gateway without cc data, but for ...
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Expressionengine multilangual htaccess

Having a hard time getting a multilingual site to work ( not complete getting the htaccess syntax) folder layout root - /en - /ar My htaccess is interfering with some of the system act links as ...
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