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How to stop external site redirect hijacking?

We are recently seeing a number of external sites trying to leverage the core of EE to use our site to force referrals that look like they are coming from our domain. My assumption is they are trying ...
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Expresso Store - Empty cart when changing url

Since the website we're developing is "donation-only", for our specific UX design, I'd like to empty the cart every time our check-out page is left. I tried the following code and it's working, but I ...
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Redirecting Joomla Links to New ExpressionEngine Links Fails

I'm running into an issue where 301 redirects on site I switched from Joomla to EE are not working. The link style on the old version of the site is:
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Template 404 Redirect

Do you know if it's possible to redirect to a specific 404 page when a template group isn't found rather than just show the 404 with the incorrect url? For example, If I go to
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how to redirect back 2 pages after add to cart in Cart Throb

I am trying to redirect a user back 2 pages after they add an item to the cart. Is there any plugins or dynamic methods that would make this work?
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How to get attempted url before access restriction?

this might be a simple fix, but it certainly doesn't seem to be. I have built a EE-based web application, and as is part and parcel with web applications, users are required to log into the system. ...
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3 answers

How do I delete a page and then redirect the URL to a new URL?

Hoping you could all help a little, had a look around but could not find much of an answer. I've just inherited a website currently on expression engine v2.10.1 ...
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Simple redirect with Redirectee doesn't work

In my Templates Global Preferences I've set the 404 page to go to pages/404.html template. In that template is a redirect to the 404 page: {exp:redirectee:redirect status="404" url="/404/"} It doesn'...
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2 answers

Redirect - Even though redirect code is absolute its handled as relative

On my search results page I am testing to see if there is only one result and if so redirecting the user to that result page using the redirect tag. However, even though the path I am redirecting to ...
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Index.php and Strange Redirection

OK, I had a site working and today when I went back to it some strange issues are happening. I'm not sure what I did, if anything. But more importantly, I can't figure out what to do! Originally ...
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how to redirect from to

For example, visitor types I want to remove index and show this url In .htaccess wrote RedirectMatch 301 /index As result instead of ...
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When does EE apply a URL redirect to links?

I'm finding that some external links to external sites are being directed to an intermediate page ( ) with the "To proceed to the URL you ...
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2 answers

Different page direct based on form field upon submitting

I’m looking for a pointer in the right direction to research this because my GoogleFu just isn’t cutting it. I’m on EE2 (hopefully to be upgraded to 5 soon…), with Freeform, and I have a form that, ...
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Uploaded images and browser detection

I have main installation of EE3 ( and subdomain ( for mobile version. Also I use for detecting the device. Everything work well despite ...
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dubbel EE installations , top root and sub folder

On the root there is an EE install with a .htaccess to remove the index.php Now there is a new installation in the in the newEE there is a new EE installation for testing But ...
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301 redirection works but status showing 302, how to fix this?

I have made redirection old url to new one using the redirection but status show the following 302 Found Status: 302 Found Code: 302 Date: Thu, 27 Aug 2015 12:01:37 GMT ...
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Sending JSON from Plugin to template in a redirect?

I have a plugin that loops through some code and builds an array of results then redirects the user to a results page. How can I pass the results to the redirected page without using the URL segment? ...
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Redirecting Cartthrob to a different gateway when cart_total = $0?

I'm working on a digital downloads site that has free and paid downloads. When only free items are in the cart at checkout, I want to use the ct_offline_payments gateway without cc data, but for ...
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Redirects from Joomla to ExpressionEngine

I'm trying to create some 301 redirects from an old Joomla site to a new EE site. As you may know, Joomla URLs look something like this; index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=59&...
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Expressionengine multilangual htaccess

Having a hard time getting a multilingual site to work ( not complete getting the htaccess syntax) folder layout root - /en - /ar My htaccess is interfering with some of the system act links as ...
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