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1 answer

Updating Membership Terms of Service

EE 5.2.5 I'm trying to update the ToS message for member signups. When a user goes to and sees this form: In the docs it says you can change this at Design --> Themes ...
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User: Register Form won't validate

Getting an error message “You must answer the question in order to post” when trying to use Solspace's User to make a front-end registration form and can't get the form to post. Can't figure this out, ...
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2 answers

ZooVisitor Registration issue (password confirmation)

I'm having issues with the password confirmation in Zoo Visitor Registration. If I enter two separate passwords for the password and password_confirm fields then the user is still registered. Any ...
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2 answers

registration forms for mebers groups

I want to create 3 different register forms for 3 member groups. Is this possible within expression engine. I have seen the freemember is theis the best way to achieve this?
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New member registration set to require activation, but new registrants are working without it

I'm using Freemember plugin to manage member forms. I just setup a registration form and tried both activation methods, "self activation via email" and "manual activation by administrator". But a ...
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Zoo Visitor Registration Error

I'm using Zoo Visitor and when a user tries to register, they get this error: You must be a logged-in member of this site in order to perform this action. I'm not sure what is causing it...? Here ...
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Expresso Store : Add customer member fields to checkout process

Is it possible to have custom member fields added to the checkout process so when the customer is registered during checkout the custom member fields are saved? I've tried adding the fields to my ...
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Control Panel - weird error after creating user through zoo

I am experiencing some weird bugs over the past day or so. Basically we are using Zoo Visitor to allow some of our team to create users without having access to the Members section of the CP, for ...
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3 answers

HTML email support for member registration

Wondering how i can send a HTML email to a user upon registering, I am using Freemember which i believe uses the default EE Email Notification Templates. Any suggestions?
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4 answers

How to hide unwanted fields in CP register form

Is there a simple way to hide unwanted non required extra registration fields in the CP member register form?
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