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Displaying a product page with a list of all available relationships of a relationship field shown as a list, with the selected relationship flagged

My client needs to display the status of an order, so using relationship channel of order_statuses. The list of order statuses should be shown as: Order recieved Status 2 [TICK] Status 3 Status 4 ...
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Get Category ID from URL title of URL segment?

My Url: //my code below... from url above i want to use entry title category id as my category id below, the url above and my code below ...
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Relate channel entries to members?

Can you relate channel entries to members? I need to be able to create a channel into which entries are posted and a relationship field is shown so that I can select a member that the entry pertains ...
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Low Search related child's category

Is it possible to search/filter based on a related child's category? In our results page we always list the parent channel - 'courses'. 90% of the time we search for keywords and categories assigned ...
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Category Related Categories (Category Siblings)

I have a channel where I'm filtering entries by category and then 'stacking' categories to produce an ever decreasing list of results, i.e. showing all entries with category A and B etc. In the right ...
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Issue with many relationship fields in a channel

I have a channel with 4 relationship fields and each entry can be related to one or two relationship fields. and I hide unnecessary fields using ENTRY TYPE( ...
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1 answer

Relationship into relationship

I have problem with related entries. I want to get related entries into a related entry. We are a travel agency and want to show selected travel packages in a "deals template". Channels are: deals, ...
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3 answers

Related Categories Mode and search

I have a single entry page with the url_title in segment_3. I want to get all the other entries in that category, but also apply a search filter. {exp:channel:entries channel="academy-items" ...
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