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Amazon s3 image scaling

i'd like to use devdemon channel images on amazon s3 hosts but i need to dynamically resizing images on http requests. i need something very similar to the google cdn: for example, adding the =s ...
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4 answers

Possible to compress images to be not larger than certain size?

That title might be a little confusing (sorry) but I'm using Channel Images to run some galleries; the client is giving me jpegs that were saved at highest quality, so they are too large (about 1-1....
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1 answer

blurry images after upload

Using Channel Images to upload images. They are uploaded at full size and no resizing is set. When I save the image off the browser and open it Photoshop, they are back to original sharpness. Also, I ...
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2 answers

Resize uploaded images, delete original

is there a way to upload an big images -> resize the big image to a small one -> delete the original images. I`m not talking about Image Manipulations function, but an direct resize.
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