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Responsive Images EE4 best solution?

I'm looking to do responsive images with EE4, where you serve smaller versions of an image for mobile devices. Can anybody recommend a good method? I've noticed many references to CE Image, but it ...
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Images in Wygwam with the CE Image Bulk Tag NOT Responsive

I have tried to use CE Images Bulk Tag with Wygwam per Ryan Masuga instructions ( ). It works for resizing the images, putting in floats and padding around the image when needed. ...
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How to make ExpressionEngine site Responsive

Our EE is of v2.5.3 - Build Date: 20120911 and we are trying to make it Responsive. How we can do it? Thanks. Regards, Roshan
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Using CE Images bulk tag for responsive images syntax

I know how to use a CE Images tag pair to generate a one-off example of responsive images syntax from an image (the image being represented by the custom field {base_pic} in the following example): {...
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Customizing Wygwam & CKEditor to prefill width & height attributes

For the latest version of Wygwam, is there a way to: When an image is added, prevent the image dialog from automatically filling the width/height of the chosen image's dimensions Instead, prefill ...
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Stash is rewriting my variables when outputting multiple entries - how to make them distinct?

I'm using Stash for image replacement in my main column. {images} is a Matrix field. In my body field, {image-1}, {image-2}, etc. are the image placeholders. My code looks like this ({images} is a ...
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