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3 answers

Create a channel entry via POST request

I'm using EE as a REST API, consumed by a web app. My question is, how can I create a channel entry via post request from my Web App? I have a contact form whose data needs to be handled. That's all I ...
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2 answers

Member Login API

Please excuse me because I am extremely new to ExpressionEngine, and I don't quite understand how to achieve this... I have been searching for a RESTful API plugin, or an example on how to develop one ...
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4 votes
1 answer

External Website Post to EE Entries

I have never worked with another Third Party System before that prefers to push data to me than provide an API to just pull that data down as needed - but they have their reasons they say! On that ...
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Accessing EE data via iOS swift

Good afternoon, I have a bit of a noob question here. I'm learning swift, and I'd like to write an application to access (read only at first) data from my EE3 site. All the good data I'm hoping to ...
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2 answers

REST addon error?

I'm trying to use In a few of my pages, I am getting this error when I enable debug mode: A PHP Error was encountered Severity: Warning Message: strtotime() expects ...
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{exp:rest} - Dynamically access keys

I am using the Rest plugin. Let us say that my API outputs a JSON like this { "8741" : "some data 1 ...", "27848" : "some data 2 ...", ... } I want to access the data via its index. I will ...
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