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0 answers

htaccess rewrite

I have an endpoint that I need to rewrite semantically for various reasons. The problem is it is an API endpoint and carries POST data. If I use a 301 or 302, the redirect happens, but I lose all data ...
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How can I remove index.php from ? ExpressionEngine3

The link is sent to me in an email when I reset my password via front end login form and works as it should when I remove the index.php from the url. I have already created a rule in .htaccess to ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Clean 301 redirects using an .htaccess that also removes index.php

I've got a somewhat standard .htaccess for removing index.php from my EE1 URLs: RewriteEngine On RewriteBase / RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} ^/$ [NC] RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} ^(utm_source=.*) ...
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2 answers

remove index.php on Windows 2012 iis 8 using URL Rewrite

I have the latest version of EE installed on a Windows 2012 Server with the URL Rewrite module installed. I'm migrating over to this server from an older apache installation that used Mod Rewrite ...
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2 answers

htaccess/redirection madness

Trying to access a google file on the server which is at This is an ExpressionEngine build. My htaccess rules as follows: RewriteCond %{...
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1 vote
0 answers

EE automatically rewrites URL when trailing slash is missing

I noticed that EE rewrites a URL like (no trailing slash) to If I append a trailing slash there is no ...
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3 votes
2 answers

index.php removal in .htaccess doesn't work when on https

I have the following htaccess setup: <IfModule mod_rewrite.c> RewriteEngine On # force https for all URLs in /admin.php RewriteCond %{HTTPS} =off RewriteRule ^...
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Removing index.php with add-on domain - CP urls break

I have EE Core installed in a subdirectory of my site, but it is set up as an add-on domain. I followed the official instructions to remove index.php and the urls work if I type them manually (...
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2 votes
1 answer

Solspace SuperSearch and URL Rewrites

Can anyone help me with URL rewriting using Solspace SuperSearch as our SEO guys have suggested that these could be improved: We have 5 dropdowns for make, model, fuel type, min price and max price. ...
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301 Redirect URL Appending Query String

From yesterday, I'm trying this 301 url redirect but its not working as expected. Please help me with this. here is the .htaccess file code. Options +FollowSymLinks +SymLinksIfOwnerMatch -MultiViews ...
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Easy sitemap.xml url

I've been looking for an easy way to point search engines to the sitemap.xml file in the root of the website. I've been using Google Sitemap Lite in combination with Navee or Structure. And it's ...
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1 answer

redirect from Control Panel (top right link) not working

There is a similar issue mentioned here, but the answer doesn't work for me... If I click on the site link it'll forward as follows: This works for all my ...
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2 answers

Different Domains with URL Re-Writes

I have several areas of my website which content authors want they content to be available at their own domain name for identity and advertising reasons. I want to avoid setting up additional ...
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