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Rich Text Editor (RTE) is a FieldType built into ExpressionEngine.

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Rich Text Editor EE6- Redactor

Is there a way to enable more plugins for the Redactor option of the Rich Text Field in ExpressionEngine 6? I'd like to be able to add some of the other plugins that Redactor has, such as 'fontfamily':...
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Bug in RTE image placement?

I've posted this issue to the Ellis Lab Forums, but thought I'd also post it here in case it helps. As best as I can tell, images placed using the Rich Text Editor's 'image' button do not properly ...
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Error "The page you requested was not found."

I cannot save entry due to this error!, its occurs when we copy paste TEXT from Word Document to Expression Engine Entry "Body" (using RTE field) we get above error, it stated when the ...
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RTE Field Text Direction

i recently updated my system from 5 to 6 , but i found that the text direction option in RTE field is removed in EE6 , what can i do to change the RTE field writing direction ?
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Dropdown menus in RTE H tags render 1 level higher i.e. h2 tags render as h3

My university cannot allow for H1 tags in the RTE as we have to hold that important ADA tag for the page titles. There may have been a config somewhere in the affected EE6 install (developers tied up ...
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