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File storage service offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), a platform of

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Assets used in WYGWAM fields don't update when file is moved

I'm using Assets 2.1.4, WYGWAM 2.7.1 and EE 2.5.5. I have a WYGWAM field, and two assets directories, one local and one Amazon S3. In the Assets interface, I can move a file from local to S3 just ...
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create channel images gallery from S3

I work with channel images and my remote location is amazon S3. as our content theam is creating galleries on live site, I would like to create these galleries also on development. is there any simple ...
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All External Assets Sources Display on MSM Site

I have several S3 external sources set up with Assets on an MSM site. Some sources are for Site 1 and some are for Site 2. However, when I go to the Assets file manager on Site 2, the external sources ...
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Possible to upload to S3 when using Assets field in channel form as file input?

Within a channel form, I'm using an Assets field that points to an S3 external source. I'm using the <input type="file" name="assets_field_name"> method (from
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aws s3 upload for freeform pro upload field type

i started working on a simple extension that hooks to freeform's pro "freeform_module_insert_begin" hook. basically the purpose of it is to check if the form has a "file upload" field(s) and if yes, ...
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Assets 2.1.1 - No S3 Thumbnails!

Using Assets 2.1.1 with a single S3 source. All images are displaying correctly on the front-end, but no thumbnails are viewable in the Assets file sheet. All of the images are indexed, and the ...
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Assets and s3 Expression Engine 2

We run a really old website on EE2.... we're not in a position to upgrade for various reasons. I've just come to hookup s3 with the Assets module and when putting the secret id and access key and ...
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