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Low Search Secure Action

I'm using Low Search 2.1.2 on a Shop page. The search works fine, but the padlock for the SSL cert is coming up as broken. Inspecting it in Chrome gives the following error: The page at ...
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Load XML via jquery.ajax causes an error

But not a javascript error, I think its something internal to EE? Bear with me as this is a strange error I'm seeing. I have a few pages in EE that are set type XML and they output XML dynamically ...
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How can I extend the life of an XID hash in EE 2.8.1?

We are using Channel Form to allow guests to submit contest entries into an EE 2.8.1 site. The form has many fields including an essay field which means it could take some time for someone to complete ...
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Secure Forms setting and Ajaxified Forms

As I discovered, it seems that "Secure Forms" setting won't allow anyone to submit more than once in Ajax. I researched about this and I found out that it was because you can't send a form with same ...
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Disable Secure Forms in config.php

I can't log into my control panel and I think the issue is related to "secure forms" being enabled. How do I disable "secure forms" in the EE config file?
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